iPhone X Fold: this video concept of foldable iPhone looks Awesome

The iPhone X Fold, an iPhone with a foldable screen, is not yet a reality. While waiting for an announcement from Apple, an artist designer has imagined what could look like a collapsible iPhone in a video concept hallucinating. There is a screen that folds inward and a secondary screen on the  back. 

iphone x fold pliable

A few weeks ago, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold, its first collapsible smartphone . Huawei quickly responded to its rival with the Huawei Mate X, a collapsible 5G smartphone sold for over € 2,000 . While many manufacturers promise the arrival of their own foldable device, including Xiaomi or Honor, Apple remains silent.

This concept imagines a foldable iPhone X Fold inspired by the Galaxy Fold

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Unsurprisingly, many aficionados of the Apple brand dream of a foldable iPhone. On Behance , the Linkedin dedicated to artists and designers, Ran Avni and Antonio de Rosa, two talented 3D artists, imagined the iPhone X Fold, a purely hypothetical iPhone … but rather attractive.

The iPhone is more of X Fold Fold Samsung Galaxy Mate as X . The screen of the device actually bends outwards. On the back of the smartphone, the designer has imagined a secondary screen, which allows to use the terminal once it is fully folded.

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On the outside screen, we notice the presence of the large notch that characterizes the iPhone X, XS and XR . On the back, a glimpse also a triple rear photo sensor arranged square Huawei Mate 20, which should also be found on the iPhone 11 . On the huge folding screen, the designers have chosen to place a large oval hole in the manner of the Galaxy S10 +. What do you think of this video concept? Could you crack for a collapsible iPhone of this ilk?

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