Oppo patents a smartphone ;with PopUp Display, something inovetive

Oppo is never short of design ideas, and for good reason: the Chinese manufacturer often patents new formats or devices look and features sometimes surprising. A new patent suggests that the manufacturer could launch a smartphone whose screen hides another screen in a drawer. With two possibilities: a screen that comes out of the top of the screen like the photo sensors of some recent borderless smartphones, or a larger screen that comes out from one of the sides of the device. Still remains to explain to us concretely the real interest of such a feature. 

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Will smartphones soon have a screen, in the screen, in the screen, on the screen, in the screen … Inception way? This could seem completely unlikely until a patent of the Chinese manufacturer Oppo spotted by our Dutch colleagues Let’s Go Digital . On January 29, 2019, the manufacturer asked the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to protect a concept to say the least: a smartphone whose screen hides another sliding screen.

Oppo invents the smartphone with screen under the screen

The sketches show two approaches. The most surprising is probably a sliding screen that comes out of the top of the smartphone. A little like the retractable drawers of smartphones like the Oppo Find X. The other offers to slide a second screen on the left side. In both cases, all screens would have thicker upper edges to accommodate various sensors and cutouts (speaker, selfie camera, proximity sensor, etc …).

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The other similarity is that we do not really understand what the positioning of such a product would be. Would it be to re-explore the approach of ZTE Axon M, a smartphone with two screens, but in another way? Surfing the arrival of foldable screen smartphones, with a more economical approach? Or to facilitate multitasking? No one knows for the moment. Moreover, not all patents result in commercialized products. Do you think that such a device deserves to be on the market? Share your opinion in the comments.

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